Academic Research

I study disability, power, and the construction of normalcy.  


My research agenda follows three lines of inquiry. I am interested in neurodiversity, cripping sustainability, and how power is produced through bodyminds.

I was awarded the Disability Leadership Award, by ACPA’s Standing Committee on Disability in recognition of my research contributions.  My co-authored book, Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach is available through Josey-Bass and I have presented nationally at AERA, ASHE, AHEAD, and ACPA.


Selected Publications

^Wilke, A., Brown, K., Evans, N., & Broido, E. (in press). Doing my best, being healthy, and creating connections: Disabled students’ narratives of collegiate success. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. 

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^denotes co-authorship with graduate student or post-doctoral scholar.