Technology and Teaching

I incorporate technological literacy into all of my face-to-face classroom teaching.  One method that I use to achieve this goal involves having the class, as a community of learners, create an online course portfolio.  The goal of this semester-long project is to develop a shared, collective learning space.   Each class is unique in it’s content and learners and you can see how different courses engage with our community by clicking on the links below.

Teaching in a web-supported or hybrid format allows the instructor to provide individualized feedback that would not be possible in a traditional classroom setting.  Using a web-based platform allows me to incorporate video, technology, and real world examples into the curriculum in a meaningful manner.  Here I provide two examples of how I use technology to support teaching and learning.  First, I demonstrate how technology can be used to support graduate students in a quantitative research methods course by providing accessible information that facilitates a greater understanding of complex topics such as logistic regression.   Second, a small slice from my hybrid Introduction to Sociology course is provided as an example how technology can augment traditional instruction.