On this page I provide an overview of logistic regression that complements our Quantitative Research Methods class lecture.  You can access the power point used during lecture by clicking on teaching presentation. The  syllabus for ED 830 H is also available online.  Students should read their logistic regression handout and assigned class materials prior to watching the two teaching videosAdditionally, Perna, L. W. (2000). Differences in the decision to attend college among African Americans, Hispanics, and Whites. Journal of Higher Education, 117-141 is an excellent  article that provides an example of research that utilizes logistic regression.

Teaching videos:

Video #1 http://youtu.be/uwpjTFox9ko demonstrates how to run a logistic regression in SPSS 21.


Video #2  http://youtu.be/Q5CYDK-p8L8 talks about key aspects that students want to pay attention to when interpreting SPSS output for logistic regression.



Video #3 http://youtu.be/JORDbUCwwxM provides a funny video of my dog trying to run a logistic regression using NVivo 10.






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